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Bananas, Boats & Bad Luck?

From the Chesapeake… It’s a familiar refrain that we hear regularly – whether from angler friends on the East Coast, or down through the Florida Keys, as with this Bud ‘n Mary’s video shared by The Weather Channel: “No Bananas!” It’s way bad Mojo!     We even saw it on a customer’s transom recently at Ferry Point Marina and decided that it was high time to dig a little deeper into the origin of […]

Ferry Point Marina & Yachtyard’s Sock Burning & Open House

Sock Burning – An Annapolis Tradition How did all this sock burning begin? In these parts, local boat and yachtyard workers now tend to don their classic dock shoes sans socks between the vernal equinox and winter. Some allowances are made for those with tender toes on days when temperatures dip below 30℉, where winds top 17 knots (about 20 miles an hour), a.k.a. the official Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE) “wimp-chill factor.” As Maritime Museum Director […]